Agile Team

Dedicated staff working just for you
Eztek, an offshore software development company from Vietnam. We excel in delivering services to a wide range of businesses using the

Offshore Development Center

model. Our approach for offshore software development team model of cooperation is based on delivering high quality, valuable web application development and mobile application development services. Wefocusing on our strengths, such as resource scalability, transparency throughout all processes, research and development as opposed to just coding the software, and a polished HR process. 
Dedicated software development team enables our clients to expand their own resources in the most cost-efficient and smooth way. When choose this model you will get remote team that works exclusively on your project and established in accordance with your requirements.   You will have direct contact of your hired resources, full control of timing, project planning and have a long term cooperation with the staff. 

Our aims is to be a reliable software outsourcing company in Vietnam and specially an extending software development team for our clients.

Benefits of hiring dedicated team from us

    •    No start up or maintenance costs or taxes.
    •    Skilled professionals working just for you.
    •    Ability to select, manage and control team members for your project.
    •    Direct access to each team member with direct contact
    •    Flexible contract terms which allow you to increase or decrease your team depends on your needs

Eztek has a wide pool of professional developers with different skills set in web application development and mobile application development. They are always available for hiring.  
Please get in touch to discuss about your expected team that you are looking for.