About us

We not only do coding but also give you the right solution, proper tools and high skilled people for your project
EZtek founded in 2011 and is one of the most reliable

software outsourcing company

in Vietnam. Comprehensive knowledge of web application development and mobile application development combined with offshore cost benefits enables us to deliver high-quality software development services primarily focused on minimizing project costs and maximizing profit of our clients.  We are here with young and talented professionals and well prepared to meet your needs either on one-time software development project OR  hiring dedicated software development team.


Understanding your needs is our first step to any project to ensure our software solutions adding value to your business and driving your ongoing success. 
Our clients are encouraged to share feedback and let us know how we can do even better throughout the software development process. 
We deliver value to our clients by: 
    •    Being customer-driven
    •    Proven agile development methodology (SCRUM)
    •    Skilled and experienced software development team from Vietnam


Our mission is providing you with simple yet best solutions for your software development works

We have been continuously trying  our best to deliver high quality and cost-effective software outsourcing services to our clients through our experience and professional staff.  


To be first choice software outsourcing company in Vietnam. 

In order to achive it, we have been:

    •    focusing on communication 
    •    using flexible software development methodologies (SCRUM), advance tools and cutting edge technologies
    •    delivering high standard, cost effective and risk free software development services

If you are searching for high-qualified professionals to develop, improve or launch new as well as existing web development projects or mobile app development projects, you are at the right website. At EZtek, we make our customer happy by providing the best possible software development services. We dont over sell and never make promises that we cannot keep.

We are sure our skillful, creative and flexible developers, who can be hired by your company, would be a perfect addition to your permanent staff.

Contact us every time you need and our team will be right there to offer you a cost-effective and high-quality solution.